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Message started by taylrmorgyn on Jul 20th, 2005 at 4:15pm

Title: Vandalism - 1st offence
Post by taylrmorgyn on Jul 20th, 2005 at 4:15pm
Could someone please help!!

I stupidly smashed a guys car windows when I was drunk because he was harassing my girlfriend that evening. I confessed all to the Police and paid for the damage.

The person who's car it was tried to drop the charges but the Police said they couldn't do this.

I am really worried by the possible outcome of this and have no idea about what might happen to me as I have never been in trouble before.

I am worried I might lose my job. Does my employer have a right to sack me?

I have heard it is possible to pay to have my name kept out of the newspaper. Is this true? How do I see about this?

It is now 2 months since I was charged and I have had no other contact from the Police. Is this normal practice?

The Police noted that I showed great remorse - which I do. I also hadn't paid for the car at the time I gave the statement but have since paid it in full. When should I notify the police that it is paid for?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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