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Message started by Henning on Oct 19th, 2007 at 5:14pm

Title: German boy
Post by Henning on Oct 19th, 2007 at 5:14pm

let´s start with a video showing the father of the jailed boy (17) addressing the English girl (13) accusing him of sexual assault.

Although so much time has passed the situation has remained unchanged and the boy has been in the Turkish pre-trial detention for over six months now. The extension is mainly due to the fact that the Turkish court hearings have been postponed for four times now because the Turkish lawyer of the English girl announced to present incriminating evidence but always failed to do so.

At the end of June some English-speaking media published articles raised the issue,2144,2750314,00.html,,2111531,00.html,1518,490525,00.html

Since then the supply of information about the case in British newspapers is scarce although the matter is far from over yet.

According to the Turkish criminal procedure rules the investigating judge decides if a suspect shall be released from jail after he has reviewed the evidence and reached a conclusion on the case. Thus, the presumption of innocence is modified in Turkey.

Charlotte´s  testimony as the key witness is still missing and the Turkish judge insists on hearing her although one friend of Charlotte is reported to have exonerated Marco by claiming that Charlotte agreed with heavy petting and although according to an expert statement no sexual intercourse has taken place. As Charlotte refused a face-to-face sworn testimony deposition at the Turkish court the judge requested judicial assistance from the UK and asked  that such interrogation would be carried out at a British court. Although Charlotte´s Turkish lawyer claimed in September that such examination already had taken place no hearing has been adjourned by the local competent court – the Oldham Magistrates Court – by October 1st.

In order to provide the English speaking public with an overview of the recent discussion in Germany I would like to cross the language barrier and introduce you in the following with the variety of opinions expressed in German internet online forums. In the following I translate some comments given in the online community of FAZ-net which is a respectable newspaper in Germany. If you wish to look up the original comments please check …

I believe that the story is not only about an irresponsible mother and the poor conditions of the Turkish justice system. I wonder if the British legal institutions are also to blame for what still happens. It would be necessary that the British legal institutions summon Charlotte to set an end to this game of this family. By showing such a laissez-faire attitude in this case the British authorities do substantive damage to the reputation of their legal system.

Everybody in Europe is well aware that recently the British government and citizens have beaten the big drum accusing other countries of their miserable judicial proceedings in the past repeatedly (e.g. regarding Russia´s refusal to approve the extradition demand of Andrej Lugowoi or the criticism regarding the investigations carried out by the police of Portugal in the case of Madeleine´s disappearance). Would this sort of wrongful deprivation of Marco´s personal liberty not be a punishable crime in the UK?

The British public have neglected the case so far although there is a sound reason to deal with it apart from the sufferings of the boy.

Title: Re: German boy
Post by Henning on Oct 19th, 2007 at 5:15pm
Now - here are the comments. Thank you for your kind consideration.


Title: Re: German boy
Post by Henning on Oct 19th, 2007 at 5:16pm
and some more ...


Title: Re: German boy
Post by Henning on Oct 19th, 2007 at 5:19pm
and the last one (there are much more in the German press as you can imagine):


If you wish to express your compassion please feel free to visit

(also in English)

Title: Re: German boy
Post by scottishlaw on Oct 23rd, 2007 at 10:40pm
Is there a useful point to any of this (before I delete all the comments that look as if they have been lifted from someone else's website)?

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