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Message started by Albionnorth on Aug 13th, 2008 at 3:07pm

Title: Advice: experience
Post by Albionnorth on Aug 13th, 2008 at 3:07pm
Hello all,

Basically I am taking at least a year or two away from university, having just graduated with my LL.B, before going into the Diploma course. In the interim, I'd like to gain some experience in a legal environment, but also to earn some cash in the process.

I don't intend to apply for anything like a summer placement, but simply a position within some of the firms from which I can at least have some knowledge of office work and something to put on my CV.

Does anyone have any experience of this, or indeed any recommendations of how to draft a "I'll take anything you've got going short of cleaning the toilets" type covering letter?

Title: Re: Advice: experience
Post by rachinglasgow on Aug 14th, 2008 at 1:32pm
Hi there!

Well I have worked as a Paralegal for a while between my first degree and going back to do the LLB.  Quite a few people I worked with were law graduates.  I had no paralegal qualifications to get the position, although was doing remortgage work as opposed to general practice)  Now if you were taking quite a bit of time out you could take these qualifications, and i also believe some employers will put you through the course.

I don't know if its exactly what you would be looking for but I found it really useful just to be in a firm and interacting with solicitors etc.  Depending on the kind of work you did I also think it is a really good way to see all the small things like communication procedures, how different matters are handled, basic legal work and so on.  It was the first time I had worked in an office environment aswell which was invaluable.

Money wise dependant on what you were doing eg general practice of more specialised I think you can earn a respectable amount.

Now I am by no means an expert on the subject (!) and if you were thinking of this route would suggest that quite a few others on the forum may be able to offer more advice regarding the qualifications etc.

Hope that helped a bit!!

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