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Message started by phoenixrisen on Jan 1st, 2009 at 3:44am

Title: Where should I qualify?
Post by phoenixrisen on Jan 1st, 2009 at 3:44am
Hi all,

I've seen the sticky topic on Scots Law in England but my query is slightly different...

I'm an English student at Manchester University, in my 2nd year of a BA in Religions & Theology. I want to train as a solicitor after completing my current course, but I would like to live and work in Scotland (as soon as is realistically possible). I understand that Scots Law is different to English Law and that the routes to qualifying are also different.

My question is, should I go down the English route of a Law Conversion Course and an LPC, then take the transfer test? I suppose I'm hoping that someone will say that the other option (doing an LLB in Scotland, followed by the diploma and vocational training) isn't as lengthy as it sounds...

The former route (qualifying in England, then transferring) seems like the most sensible, and the quickest (plus it would result in me having a dual qualification, right?) but could someone please tell me about the viability of my going straight from my current BA to study Scots Law, if I were to do that? Any information on finance options, costs, etc. would be especially appreciated, as that is my main concern.

Thanks very much in advance.


Title: Re: Where should I qualify?
Post by phoenixrisen on Jan 17th, 2009 at 5:09am
Never mind, I've decided to take a year out and apply to do an LLB the year after.  :)

Title: Re: Where should I qualify?
Post by LawConvert on Jan 4th, 2010 at 6:09pm
Hi Simone

Good to hear you're taking a year out before contiuing with your studies - the break should provide elucidation to your final decision.  I studied Business Studies at Leeds, and during my final year I applied to study the Graduate Diploma in Law (entry requirements 2:2) before commencing onto the LPC.  However, at the last minute, I decided I wanted to return 'home' to Scotland to complete my training.  

In terms of studying in Scotland, it's an additional year whereby you complete the accelerated LLB (2 years) before completing the Diploma in Legal Practice (1 year). Personally, I feel it will be more beneficial for myself, but understand everyone is different.  

To play Devils advocate, I have many friends who studied Law in England and have gone on to complete the LPC.  From what I gather, the LPC is much more geared towards practice whereas the DLP is seen as a formaility of completing your education with little emphasis on practice.  What I mean by this is, there are 3 types of LPC: Corporate; Private and Commercial (where majority of Training Contracts are) and Legal Aid.  However, in Scotland, it's a one-size fits all approach.  

I must also stress that, it is easier, to transfer from Scots Law to English law.

Good luck

Title: Re: Where should I qualify?
Post by LawConvert on Jan 4th, 2010 at 6:15pm
Forgot to mention cost.  The GDL is between 7,000-10,000.  The LPC is between 9,000-11,500.

Natwest offer a College of Law and BPP Professional Career Loan where you can borrow between 3,000 and 25,000.  You also have 10 years to pay it back.

In Scotland, you can apply for funding, help from the university you are applying to and, again, a professional loan.  There are other banks who offer these types of loans, but to a maxiumum of 10,000.

Costs vary from university:  Glasgow is 5,800 per year (2 years) and the DLP is around 4,750.  At other universities i.e Aberdeen and Edinburgh it ranges between 7,600 per year and 8,600 per year with the DLP remaining the same.

Hope this helps.

Title: Re: Where should I qualify?
Post by John Smith on Dec 27th, 2010 at 1:19pm
That's really very good. Keep sharing more stuff.

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