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Racial Incident........????? (Read 7058 times)
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Racial Incident........?????
Jun 25th, 2005 at 2:19am goes...stick with it and eventually all will be revealed........the following is a letter being drafted for the attention of the police summarising the situation.

I am writing to question advice seemingly given by a police constable to a neighbour of mines advising they could park in a turning point (hammer head) at the end of the cul-de-sac outside my house, this neighbour not actually residing in the cul-de-sac.

This came about as a car was being parked in the turning point for the last 6 months and I left a note on the windscreen advising the owner that it was a turning point and not off street parking.

The following night a police constable called at my house, unfortunately I was out but he explained to my wife the car had been vandalised while outside my neighbours house, and he had advised them to park in the turning point. He stated that it was only for a few weeks to determine if it was a case of victimisation and the car would only be there at weekends, being parked late in the evening and removed early the next day.  He also stated that that they where enquiring if the council could make available a garage for overnight parking of the vehicle. My wife understood the need but did mention she was not happy about the situation as the car had been parked there on numerous occasions previously and not just at the weekends. She also pointed out that as the house is
at the end of the cul-de-sac and hence no traffic was a major factor for purchasing the property.

This turning point has always been respected as such by myself and family but as there are three cars belonging to my family plus regular visitors cars I decided as the turning point was directly outside my house I would then make use of it as a parking bay myself. The neighbour then parked his car in the narrow roadway leading to my house. One mid-week morning (approx. 3 weeks ago) I asked him if there was any need to be parking there as there was plenty of room outside his own house. Basically he informed me he had every right to park where he wanted, and I was being a hypocrite by parking in the turning point myself. I pointed out it was it was common courtesy to park outside your own home but appreciated his thinking and ensured that whenever possible none of my cars where parked in the turning point hoping he would respect it as such himself, harmony reinstated.

This seemed to resolve the problem regards the turning point but he still parked in the roadway of the cul-de-sac or on the pavement opposite his house and approx. 20 meters to the right, very rarely outside his own house even though there was plenty of room. Last Saturday his car and one of his visitors was parked in the cul-de-sac and turning point and I had to ask for the one in the turning point to be moved so I could cutback my garden. This was also the case on the Sunday. Today I have arrived home at 13:00pm and his car is again parked in the turning point. This has left me with the impression that as far as he is concerned the turning point is off street parking. Queried this with his wife and she said as she was finished with the car for the day she had parked it up for the day/night.

Having discussed this with the traffic division of the police and local council I have been informed that if the car is not causing an obstruction its a civil matter and from the council that as the hammer head does not have yellow lines its not a turning point?
Over this period I was informed by a friend whos neighbour is a police inspector that he had mentioned that on the evening that his car was damaged there was also another seven other cars damaged in the same street, so why the preferential treatment to one of the victims?

My complaint is quite simple, why did the police officer not check if the cul-de-sac was in fact a private road, which I have now found out it is.....will I have to get a lawyer involved? - can I clamp his vehicle or post "sticky" notices to his winscreen?

Racial Incident.........finally got Fife if anyone from an ethnic minority involves the police it is logged as a racial incident.......!!!!!!.....maybe that also explains the preferential treatment or am I adding 2 and 2 and ending up with 5?

Just a pity the neighbour never had the decency to talk to me first about his problem I would have been more than happy to sort something out with him.

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