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Guide to police encounters please? (Read 4405 times)

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Guide to police encounters please?
Jan 25th, 2007 at 7:51am
Hello, Im a newbie here but taking up a keen interest in scottish law (where did THAT come from?)

Ive had a few encounters with the police, and they're always intimidating, just because of the uniforms, and what they represent.

after watching this video
Which lets US citizens know their rights about police encounters, I started looking for a scottish version.

Does anyone know, or can anyone provide a quick summary of rights the police have when
a) investigating a party due to noise complaints
b) pulling you over on the road
c) stopping you on the street

These points (and your rights) are covered in the US video.

Thankyou verymuch!

P.S  - If the police enter your house due to a noise complaint, is it true that they may NOT arrest you for drugs? (even if the evidence is laying plainly infront of them?)
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Re: Guide to police encounters please?
Reply #1 - Jan 26th, 2007 at 1:20am
No it's not true, although they are more likely to detain than arrest you.  If detained they can hold you for 6 hours for questioning before either releasing or arresting you.  Whether arrested or detained, either way you're huckled.  If there are drugs on open display they have a right to seize them for analysis and to detain you for search and questioning.  They could not however go on to search the rest of the house until they got a warrant. 

(b) is the simplest to answer.  The police have the right to stop any vehicle on the road to check the driver's licence, insurance and MOT (if applicable.)  Once they are talking to the driver they are entitled to investigate  other offences they may detect, such as drunk driving or possession of drugs.

In (a) and (b) the answer is, "It depends on the circumstances." 

Remember an expert on police powers is called a policeman (or woman.)  Don't try to be smart or argue with them.  If you've done nothing wrong, being polite and answering their questions is the quickest way to get rid of them.
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