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At The Royal Socieity+MASTS+Green Techn. (Read 10193 times)

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At The Royal Socieity+MASTS+Green Techn.
Dec 17th, 2007 at 2:26am
I am finding it a hard place to see where this info. fits Roll Eyes
But its sure serious!
I went to a meeting at The Royal Society a few weeks ago with regard the health effects of mobile phone and
mast technology. A number of experts in the scientific world talked about the very real effects of mobile phone technology that the government is ignoring.

Epidemiologists talked about the real biological effects of mobile phones:
And that the damage is very real and it does not go away.
Its not going to happen in 2or 3 years but 8 to 10 years where the cancers going to show.
The near the mast the more likely cancer the further depression.

They already don`t comply to BSI Standards..... Which means interference on other equipment.
Us humans are more easily harmed:
There are supposed to be equivalent EU regs on human effects health effects.
What laws there are and the effects are being ignored.
Along with poor understanding as to how technology is a very powerful device.
But the metering system, allows misunderstandings as to how powerful they are.

This stuff and its health effect have been known since before the "Cold War".
Yet they get psychologists to try and convince us its not real.
The military used to, and probably still do microwave sensitive personal..
While us within the civilian world are classed as "Sensitive" as if we are weak in the head.
Doctors don`t think its real!

The military know that some people are better at receiving info. others are better at sending info
and others are good at both.
Schools have several teachers with cancer as they spend more years at the school than children.
The headmaster basically goes into denial as to the effect of a mast in his school grounds and wont get it moved... This is just a ruff outline.. In that we appear to be walked over to get Green technology, mobile phone technology in place where its not safe its just making money for the government.

It was mensioned it was only polices that were pubished in the Royal Socieities own journal that seem to be
taken on board by the government. There`s barely a MP with a scientific degree:
Our health is being dictacted by a political agender..
The politicians are; have put us all in danger: Cry

The scientists at the meeting did not seem to have any soultions as the HSE and the NRBP(HPA)
are the governments mouth piece...

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Re: At The Royal Socieity+MASTS+Green Techn.
Reply #1 - Dec 17th, 2007 at 3:24pm
And your question caller.......................
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Re: At The Royal Socieity+MASTS+Green Techn.
Reply #2 - Dec 17th, 2007 at 3:52pm

The question might be in "The eye of the beholder"! Wink
If technology is harming life and the powers that be are just letting it happen: Angry
Its not just for our geneation but for generations to come.
How can it be stopped?
While the government is in denial.
The MoD who are let us say are in possession of most of the facts only act when their equipment is in the firing
range....... They just sit back and let it happen.
Like resently a Crisp Factory somewhere in the East of England, was going to power its operations with wind Turbines. They had been planning for 2 years and had installed the equipment, then the MoD pulled the plug.
Because it would interfere with their RADAR and communication.. EG large levels of radiation would be given off....... Yet the government ignore members of the public who are made ill by that radiation.

As I say there are BSI standards for interferace on other equipment:
At one time equipment producing such level would be closed down:
The health aspect was secondary.. But at least they would of been closed.
Trading Standards refuse to do anything. (If the community at large don`t recongise the situation.)
Radiocommuications Agancey (Ofcom) told me they should of closed a local factory:
But bounced the problem between the HSE and the NRBP..
Ofcom told me jobs are more important than health and safety.
So the problem will contiue.
The air conditioning industry are aware their equipment is non-compliant, as the people install either don`t know enough or don`t care.. The problem continues...... New technology does not work on the same scale as so called old technology. Yet scientists don`t seem to know this. If they are told they just put their head in the sand. Its like being given a flat screen meter to measure a multi-dimentional field and it unable to do it.
It makes no sence..... (Yes they know something wrong by oberving how other equipment behaves) But the meter will not tell them too much. Its just a very ruff guide in which they put too much emphsis, by simply putting the energy off scale. To hide or mask the true level. Its only a very aware animal or human that knows what`s truely happening. Yet the human is ignored.
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Re: At The Royal Socieity+MASTS+Green Techn.
Reply #3 - Dec 17th, 2007 at 5:40pm
If this is the level of educated comment that the human comes out with then I'm quite glad the "human is ignored".

Windfarms do not emit radiation, there's not even a debate about that as far as I knew? They can potentially interfere with RADAR which is why the MoD and local airports routinely object to neighbouring windfarm projects, but that's not anything that's hidden from the public and it should all come out during the planning application process.

On the mobile phone point - I got lost. Did you take this up with the HSE, as Ofcom seem to have suggested?

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Re: At The Royal Socieity+MASTS+Green Techn.
Reply #4 - Dec 17th, 2007 at 6:47pm
Norse_Mann and Scottishlaw

The TV News and the Newspaper only report so much, and they don`t report things that are controversial
at prime time: They likewise only keep the info. within regional News and not national......
I tried to report a similar problem in my area and two different newspapers were not interested because even though my problem was the same as one which occurred in two different local papers they did not wish to know.
Councillor Sam Potts was on BBC local news complaining about wind turbines being put in his area near Milton-Keynes. He mentioned that the wind turbines would interfere with local TV reception.. (EMC Law)

I likewise informed a council near my home about the instruction of wind turbines that they did not comply to
EMC law..... I attended the council meeting it was a white wash.
Where only one person for and one person against was supposed to speak..

It ended up with 8 councillors speaking about the wind turbines and 1 voted against.
(The others seemed to be resigned to the fact we were going to get Wind Turbines)
One of the councillors I spoke to before the meeting said he wished he asked more questions.
One local residence was allowed to put her info. forward.
I had sent several emails razing my concerns about EMC Law (electromagnetic Compatibility).
My comment was answered by "Your Energy" in that there were 2 employees supporting ..
They spoke, in the fact everything gives off radiation (so that was an excuse).

So the format of One For and One Against, seemed to be a some what even unmatched.
It was a put up job!

On the Sunday Politics Show a couple of years ago now Councillor Robin Page (One Man and his Dog)
Opening his mouth wide too-wide, with my MP sitting beside him. In a pub interview in that the government, He said councils were forcing through planning applications, as the government had threatened local councils into allowing new technologies though, or the government would take the powers from them, if they did not do this.

I found from several sources that Wind Turbines and other things don`t comply to BSI/EMC/EU law..
The people as I say who install them either don`t care, or lacking knowledge as to how they really work.
A lot of known science was hidden from main stream, scientists largely because of the "Cold War" but really before that as, the technology was breifly de-classified in 1950 and re-classified in 1955.
During this procudre info is obvioulsy lost as the MoD and others try to hide info. Papers get distroyed.
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Re: At The Royal Socieity+MASTS+Green Techn.
Reply #5 - Dec 18th, 2007 at 11:16am
Yes, wind turbines can interfere with TV reception but this is generally low level and as part of the development poposals a mitigation plan is normally put in place. If that fails, then I think normally all the locals get a free sky dish.

Instead of making generic statements about the development that could be made by someone who's never even visited the area, wouldn't it be more useful to examine the detail and contribute based on the specific proposal. Did you even look into which manufacturer's turbines were proposed to be used in the development before you complained or was that just minor detail?

A lot of science, research and money goes into locating windfarms and selecting the technology to be used and it is a shame when planning approval fails because of local politicians worried about negative publicity caused by random public smear campaigns stirred up by rumour and scaremongering.

Life's a lot more complicated than you're making out and there is a lot of science that does take place that you're not acknowledging.

As to the complaint a couple of posts above about new technology not being as good as old - I'm not sure if that's been followed through. The reason we are in the climate change mess we're in now is largely due to old, inneficient technologies being used without fully considering the consequences - or would you prefer that we go back to cfc fridges and start building new large coal-fired power stations?
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Re: At The Royal Socieity+MASTS+Green Techn.
Reply #6 - Dec 18th, 2007 at 9:29pm

Green Technology and the real reasons we need it is just another polical agender:
Linning the Wind Turbine companies pockets:(When wind Turbines cost 7p per Unit and other sources less than half.)
There`s just been a confrance of scientists who go against the idea of globle warming.. The world has always got hot and cold. The rise in carbon dioxide is due more to Sun Spots than anything we are capable of doing.
It was in Arthur Mee`s Encyclopeadia in the 1930`s that the Earth was going to tilt near the Sun hence get hotter... If you saw the Breakfast News BBC on Sat. and  Ms Garetts Sunday show two experts tried to correct
the idea of what`s Green and what`s not Green..
Wind Turbine energy is certainly not Green! The scientists were cut short, by the interviews, when they were not going to give the governments propergander. The BB seems to be spouting the governments wishes.
They tried to explain that a resent conferance had disproved that we are not responsible for globle warming and that members had been gagged a threaten. (The interviews cut both short, by saying we are not here to discuse  that! Then they contiue to talk about recycling)

The government has another agender it seems?
We have two hundread years at least of coal left to mine.
We are importing gas from another god forseaken place that will last another 2 hundred years.
(What they are worried about is the Russians holding us to ransam with their and gas).
The USA wont agree in-two part they know its not real and two its financal effects.

Green Technology is a a complete Red Herring:
contact he has much to say on globle warning in his news letters.

Kipe and Jennings Merdoch University AU 2004 are very concered about inverters being used close to homes.
They are both generators of microwave and nuclear energy: The traditional transforma used in all of previous
generations was a coil meant covert DC to AC.. Now a inverter or a frequency modulator is not the same animal at all......  Its like modern electrical systems have had their power or energy encoded.
Yet the experts installing them, seem to have missed this seemingly little known fact. Except some people know.  By giving someone a Satterlite Dish  does not stop them being exposed to huge unmeasured levels of radiation.. That radiation damages our very being once its happened the body can`t repare it.

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CCNet 214/2007 - 18 December 2007 -- Audiatur et altera pars


The success of the major Anglosphere nations at last week's United Nations climate conference in Bali marks the beginning of the end of the age of climate hysteria. It also symbolizes a significant shift of political leadership in international climate diplomacy from the once-dominating European continent to North America and its Western allies. In Bali, more than perhaps ever before, climate alarmism has finally hit the solid brick wall of political reality. It's a reality that won't go away or be changed any time soon. After more than 20 years of green ascendancy on the world stage, green politicians and climate campaigners are for the first time faced with a conundrum that looks as impenetrable as squaring the circle.
     --Benny Peiser, Financial Post, 18 December 2007

Japan's government omitted a proposed carbon tax from its latest list of measures to curb pollution and will instead intensify appeals for voluntary reductions from homes, utilities and factories. Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda's Cabinet today reviewed alternative strategies to meet the nation's Kyoto Protocol target on carbon emissions, Hiroshi Kamagata, a counsellor in the Cabinet Secretariat, told reporters in Tokyo. Media handouts omitted earlier proposals for a carbon tax on fossil fuel use and the creation of an emissions trading system.
    --Shigeru Sato, Bloomberg, 18 December 2007

Emergency talks aimed at setting EU targets to reduce CO2 car emissions are being held today amid fears that bitter wrangling between car manufacturing countries could delay or even derail the process entirely. If the Commission fails to reach an agreement so soon after the climate change talks in Bali, it will be a severe cause of embarrassment to the environmental policy of the European Union, which claims to be taking a lead in the fight against global warming.
     --Jerome Taylor, The Independent, 18 December 2007

Women must stop admiring men who drive sports cars if they want to join the fight against global warming, the Government's chief scientist has urged. He singled out women who find supercar drivers "sexy", adding that they should divert their affections to men who live more environmentally-friendly lives.
     --Richard Gray, The Daily Telegraph, 17 December 2007

    Benny Peiser, Financial Post, 18 December 2007

    Shigeru Sato, Bloomberg, 18 December 2007

    BBC News, 17 December 2007

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