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Problems with my university accomodation! (Read 3733 times)

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Problems with my university accomodation!
Jan 14th, 2008 at 8:53pm
Hi there,

I am a student currently in my 3rd year at Dundee University. I have decided to stay in halls because I don't really like the idea of sharing with people and having to have the worry of bills etc.

My first year in halls was great; I had no problems with the accommodation. So after my wonderful experience I thought next year that I would move into the new build of student flats. After one semester now I am seriously regretting that decision due to a variety of factors that have made my life there miserable.

I am not a law student and I don't really have much knowledge about law except on ethics. So I will tell you all the things that have happened at my accommodation and I was hoping that you could possibly advise me on what to do legally to sort these problems out on a whole.

"Okay" , to start things off I shall talk about how my accommodation plans ( which I had organised and confirmed with the Universities Accommodation Dept. before summer) had been changed so when I turned up at the start of semester expecting keys for the "Premium" (large) room which I had requested, instead I received a "Standard" room.
Fair enough its nice and my rates were adjusted so I paid for a "Standard" room, but the fact that they didn't tell me I felt was a bit wrong.

The next problem occurred when I was checking my checklist to see if all the items in my room and kitchen were present and working. I noticed that the Hoover and Iron were not present in our flat. So I brought this to the attention of the Sanctuary Management Services, who then gave us an Iron and Vacuum cleaner. However the next day they proceeded to take the Iron away from us, as they didn't deem it necessary for us to use because one of the flat mates had bought his own and we are expected to use his. Now checking my Agreement it says that I am to be supplied with a "Vacuum" and "Iron" for each "flat of six rooms".

After about 3 weeks of being there, one of the flat mates thought the kitchen was boring and decided to place posters up, without consulting the rest of the flat. Naturally whilst attaching the posters to the wall with Blu-Tac he has caused small blemished in the paint. The Sanctuary Management Services (SMS) then sent a letter saying that come the end of the year they will "hire in contractors to repair the damage and split the costs of repairs between the flat members" even though we told the responsible person to accept responsibility.

The same perpetrator of the Blu-Tac incident has turned out to be a very vile and anti-social person (maybe its because he is from Northern Ireland); who makes a constant mess in the kitchen and refuses to clear it up causing a potential health hazard, plays loud music into the earlier hours of morning which I am sure is breaking the noise act which is loud noises till 11pm, has set off the fire alarm twice at night time deliberately whilst under the influence of alcohol and invites lots of his friends over without consulting with the rest of the flat mates first ( which is what you have to do in the accommodation agreement). I have tried to confront him about these actions but he has acted quite violently under the influence of alcohol so I avoided contact with him. He has had two "Yellow cards" from the SMS.
I thought that the logical thing would be to write a nice letter to the accommodation department at the university about the vagabond that he is. That was in November I wrote that letter and I event spoke with one of the staff about this, but so far no visible action has been taken on their part. I then thought I would goto the staff who are supposedly "managing" the place during the day to complain about this, they have not done anything either. Whilst this dos head is damaging the property with his behavior.

Finally, I just arrived back at my flat yesterday from having a nice peaceful holiday at home only to be greeted with a broken glass at my flat door which has had its sugary contents splashed over the door (very inviting indeed!). Then to make things even better I realise that the oven is broken. It wasn't broken before I left last year.
Oh and someone has pinched my 2 litre carton of Tropicana which I had not even opened!!!!!

So I was wondering what you could advise me to do to sort the following goals:

-Purge the anti social moron from my flat
-Get the oven fixed and a toaster back
-Seek compensation for psychological damages, because I have not been able to sleep many nights because of loud music from the trouble flat mate. I have almost got to the point were I want to buy a shotgun and just gun down anyone I see on campus, it's that bad.

I have thought of possible ways to get these aims done like goto the Daily Record and get them to write a story about this hellish experience or maybe be aggressive with the Accommodation staff.

All I have stated is truth and can be supported by other flat mates.


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Re: Problems with my university accomodation!
Reply #1 - Jan 15th, 2008 at 12:14pm
I would suggest you take photographs of any damage, and writer a polite letter to the person in charge of University accommodations listing your complaints (those that relate to the property - they won't deal with any medical issues such as "psychological damage".

Put your points in numbered pararaphs and be brief and to the point. Do not indulge in accusations, or racist remarks. Above all, avoid a mad rant or they will assume that you are the one that is the problem. Enclose copies of your photos in support of your complaints and give the names and addresses of those who can support your points.

Finally, make it clear what you want done. Do you want the items fixed/replaced? Do you want your flate mate moved elsewhere? Do you seek a change of accommodtion yourself?

Keep a copy of the letter. You must also remember that living with othe people is often not easy. You have to try to make friends with those with whom you live, so that they (and you) will be more considerate.  Now you know why most people round up 2 or 3 of their mates and rent their own place - you get to choose with whom you live!

Good Luck.
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