A collection of legal websites designed to assist all those with  an interest in Scots Law.
Scottish Law Online Websites:
Scots Law Online Resource Centre
The original and still the best way to find Scottish legal websites. SLORC is a legal portal for the Scottish Law community offering links to relevant courts, legislation, organisations, professional bodies, societies, universities, company information resources and a lot more.
An A to Z of the Law of Scotland
Links to over 50 areas of Scottish law covering everything from arbitration to workplace health and safety. Other areas of law include contract, delict, employment, corporate, family, divorce, computer, conveyancing, international, immigration, consumer law and many more.
Scots Law Student Zone
Brand new site containing help, advice and links for law students in Scotland. Aside from links to universities, law scools and the diploma in legal practice, the site contains a bulletin board, chat room and advice on getting work experience, traineeships and jobs after studying law.
Scottish Law Firm Directory
The present page is far from adequate and to be honest, is pretty much useless if you don't already know the name of the firm you are looking for. To combat this, big changes are afoot. By 2001 the Directory should be the largest of its kind in Scotland, useful and easy to use.
Scots Law Student Journal
The first ever Scots Law Web Journal, launched in October 2000 and based on the Student Zone. The journal contains essays and dissertations submitted by  students at the various Scottish Universities but is open to contributions from anyone in the legal community.
Search Law
A new facility and tool to help lawyers search the legal web. Aside from allowing users to search Scottish Law Online itself, the facility allows quicker legal research to be conducted across a wide range of legal resources on the internet in Scotland, the UK and Worldwide.
Why are these sites here?
From the outset, the internet was heralded as the means to locate information  at the click of a button, an end to wasting time looking for information. Sadly,  the reality which faced many law practitioners, academics, students and the  public was far from this ideal. Instead, users could spend hours trawling  through the vast numbers of pornography and hacking sites before they found  something as simple as HMSO. In 1997 I began a site called the International  Legal Reference Page which contained links to websites that I found useful as a  law student. The page was very basic and didn't contain very many links.  Surprisingly though, it received a very large number of visits via the main  search engines, notably altavista. The site remained this way until September  1999 when I decided that the poor state of the site in the face of other sites  around at the time was actually an embarrassment rather than an asset. So I  created a new website, the Scots Law Online Resource Centre (SLORC), with a more  structured approach to the legal sites available. Over the coming months, SLORC  dramatically increased in size and instead of overcomplicating the front entry  page I began to create sister sites which dealt with areas which did not really  fall under the idea of a legal portal or were too big for SLORC.

You can find out more about the author and the sites on the About page.


Kevin F Crombie

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