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Message started by Albionnorth on Mar 31st, 2011 at 3:18pm

Title: A little career advice, if you wouldn't mind
Post by Albionnorth on Mar 31st, 2011 at 3:18pm

Bluntly, I'm feeling rather stuck in the post-diploma, no traineeship stage. Having sunk a considerable amount of cash, and actually enjoying the law, I'm eager to build a career out of it.

I did the usual round of applications to a good number of the significant commercial firms last year without so much as an interview. Now, aside from having a bit of extra work experience from which I can demonstrate transferable skills (public affairs consulting, within a law firm), I don't really see why I will be more successful applying this year. My application-writing skills have perhaps improved, but I suspect that isn't the most major component of the whole thing.

I could well be interested in traineeships elsewhere: criminal or private client, but gained the impression there is little money to be made there, particularly in the former. Property law never particularly appealed. Moreover, tracking down such traineeships seems to be quite difficult due to the relative size of firms practicing in those areas: are they even common?

Essentially, my best idea thus far has been to write to firms, asking to be taken on in a relatively minor capacity to gain some work experience, even working for free as an intern if needs be. Is this practical or appropriate?

Ultimately, I want to practice law, know myself to be relatively good at it, and yet find myself with very little hope of getting into it despite the amount of time studying it has taken me.

I realise this forum isn't exactly the most active these days, but any advice that can be given would be incredibly helpful.


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