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Message started by davton on Jul 17th, 2012 at 1:10am

Title: Police Raid- Charged- Court- Released
Post by davton on Jul 17th, 2012 at 1:10am
Day 1 Quick recap and questions at the bottom

5 Months ago I was getting ready for my usual 5am walk with my dogs when I heard a knock at my door, I answered to find Approx 10 police officers stating that they had a warrent to search and sieze any equipment in my home that could be used to store photo's. After the search was concluded they told me they had recieved evidence that someone at my address had been viewing indecent images of children, I informed them they were mistaken! I was cautioned and taken to my local Police Station!

After being detained for 10hrs I was Interviewed, they were convinced I had a 5 year old nephew, I don't! They were convinced I had a Girlfriend, I'm GAY! They were convinced that I had used computer programs I had never even heard of! Then came my worst nightmare, the said they found 5 images of boys from ages of 13 to 15 in various stages of undress, I was gob smacked I had no idea what they were talking about. I was charged under Section 52 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982. I was told that due to the fact they felt a 5 year old who doesn't exist was in danger I would be remanded in custody until court the next day!

Day 2

I was taken to court, Put in a sex offenders cell, other people were there, I was scared, horified, at 3:30pm a lawyer came to see me, asked if I was pleeding guilty, I said No obviously! An hour later a guard came to my door took me to see my lawyer and was told that I was free to go. That was the happiest 5 mins of my life.

After a few months my lawyer wrote to the PF at my request and I was told that Charges were still under consideration. Since then I think the police are coming through my door to take me to jail every night, I've lost my job. On anti anxiety medication. I need this to be over!!!!

So recap, Was charged then released without bail. PF said 3 Months ago charges are under consideration.

How long can this hang over me for?
Can I be under consideration for the rest of my life?
Surely I must be given the chance to clear my name?
I have applied for Jobs as a career for elderly but I don't know if this will show on a disclosure?
I know there Is one photo of Myself naked when i was young in a bath from the family photos I scaned at request of my mum. I this something I could get into trouble for?

Any help would be welcome, I have contact my lawyers office 3 times but to no avail. These are probably petty questions to him as I would imagine he has a large case load and someone who doesn't have a pending prosecution may not factor high on his list of priorites. I feel as though my life is ruined.

N.B. I have no idea what the 5 photos they refer to are the only pictures I had were of recent family parties, And my mums collection of family photos I scanned for her after my Dad passed.

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