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If you know the postcode of a property but not the address or simply part of the address then this nifty little tool from the Royal Mail will help you find the rest of the information that you are looking for. Other sources of addresses include which is the Yellow Pages online, Thomson Web Directory which is the Thomson Business Directory online and Scoot.



I have collected a wide variety of sources of information on most countries in the world on Scottish Law Online. If none of these are able to help there are also links to other sources of information about countries on the same page. This includes the Lonely Planet guide and more.


Currency Converter

An online currency converter from is available on Scottish Law Online. For ease, the quick link is at the bottom of the front page of this site. There is also a French and a German version available as well as the obvious English version. There is another currency converter on but this one is a lot less user friendly.


Other excellent Currency Tools are available at These include The Interactive Currency Table which can provide tables on currencies showing the latest rates or rates on any given day since 1995. Other services are Travel Expenses Calculator, Foreign Exchange Charges Calculator, Credit Card Charges Calculator and Information on the new Euro Currency.



Scottish Law Online is now available in eight different languages thanks to Altavista's Babel Fish. Lingo 24 specialise in translating legal documents into and out of foreign languages.



There are many different places online which will provide you with streetmaps of the world. For the UK, is very good and also offers aerial photographs of the place you are looking for if they are available. Mapblast and Multimap both are excellent map sources and again have UK streets. Multimap also has aerial photos of UK cities and you can zoom in to see the areas more closely and you can also get directions from one place to another. Which one you use depends on your own individual preference. 

The Ordnance Survey, Britain's national mapping agency is also a useful site for maps and features a free getamap tool. You can get old maps from which should be interesting if you are interested in history. Landmark Information group can also prove useful if you are looking for digital mapping, property and environmental risk information. The group also offers a wide range of legal services for residential and commercial property lawyers.


Measurement Conversion has a wide range of tools for converting measurements. The tools available include area, temperature, speed, and just about anything else you can imagine. There is also a good measurement converter on It isn't as user friendly as you might expect on the web but it does the job. To see a full list of the Measurements which it recognises, click here.


Phone Numbers

BT Directory Enquiries is an obvious first port of call for UK phone numbers but if you are calling abroad then the International Calling Guide offered by BT will give you a lot of useful information including the dialling code and also information about the country including examples of what a ring tone and an engaged tone will sound like when you call. There is a UK Telephone Code Locator at Warwick University as well. Other sources of phone numbers include which is the Yellow Pages online, Thomson Web Directory which is the Thomson Business Directory online and Scoot. Also on offer on the web is Teldir, a listing of International telephone directories on the web.



The opposite of the Addresses tool above. Again, from the Royal Mail and again rather nifty. Enter the details of the property and you will be able to find out the postcode online.


Scientific Calculators

Perhaps of less use in a law firm than the other tools on this page but they could be useful in settling arguments or impressing clients. These calculators and tools include an Atmospheric calculator, Body Mass Index Calculator and a Periodic Table of Elements. Again, these links are to Again, these are also available on


Stamp Duty Rates

This imformation from the Revenue is always handy to have at a click of a button. The rates are available for heritable property, leases and stocks and shares. The Stamp Office site is also on the revenue page and will be useful if you are looking for further information.


Tax Rates and Allowances

Inland Revenue quick guides to the current rates and allowances for income tax, capital gains tax, corporation tax, national insurance, pensions, inheritance tax, etc.


TV and Radio Guides

If you are wondering what is on Television or Radio tonight or any day in the future then the TV and Radio pages of Scottish Law Online may prove useful. There is a collection of most TV and Radio stations in the UK. 


Weather Forecasts

There is a section of Scottish Law Online for Weather Forecasts which has information on the weather in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the North and South of Scotland. The information came from the Met Office which is an excellent source of information on weather both in the UK and around the world.


World Time Zones

If you have an important call to make then it is often polite to check if the other person is awake before calling. have an excellent world time zone reference tool which tells you the time in thousands of places worldwide. This tool is quite user friendly. also have an excellent tool for looking at the world time zones.


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