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Advocates and Solicitor Advocates in Scotland and Barristers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland


Professional Bodies:
Faculty of Advocates
Faculty Services Limited
The Advocates Library  - Parliament House, Edinburgh EH1 1RF
History of the Profession of Advocate
What is an Advocate? 

Find an Advocate:
Full List of Practising Advocates from the Faculty of Advocates
Search for an Advocate on the Faculty Site

Stables of Advocates:
Advocates are divided into groups which are known as Stables.  Each Stable is run by an Advocates’ Clerk and a full list of the Stables and contact details of each are available from the Faculty of Advocates’ Clerking Services and Stables page. The Faculty of Advocates website for each of the 12 Faculty Stables are:-

Individual Stables with external Faculty Websites:
Ampersand Stable (formerly Ferguson)
Murray Stable of Advocates

Individual Advocates:
David Bartos
Scott Blair
Laurence Kennedy
Jonathan Mitchell, QC (see also useful Advocates FAQ)
Maurice O'Carroll
Steven Walker

Solicitor Advocates:
Society of Solicitor Advocates
Solicitors' Association of Higher Court Advocates

Individual Solicitor Advocates:
Directory of Civil and Criminal Solicitor Advocates

Barristers in Northern Ireland:
The Bar Council of Northern Ireland 

Barristers in England & Wales:
The Bar Council of England & Wales 
The Bar Directory for England & Wales
Institute of Barristers' Clerks
Guide to Barristers, the Bar Council, Inns

Inns of Court: 
Guide to the Inns of Court and History
Maps of Legal London and the Inns

Circuits of Barristers in England & Wales:

Bar Associations and Groups in E&W:

Other Links:
The Bar Council Education and Training site
Bar Pro Bono Unit 

International Bar Associations:

Bar Asosciations in other Countries:

For a listing of law firms, solicitors and advocates as well as sheriff courts and Scottish Solicitors Property Centres in other areas of Scotland including Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Stirling, Dumfries and Galloway, Lothian, Central, Fife, Wick and Shetland in Scotland return to the Scottish Law Firm Directory main page by clicking this link.

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