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E-mail Providers

Good Ones
Free Scots Law E-mail Address!
Totalise (now Madasafish)
More Providers
Free E-mail Address Directory

If you are new to the internet or even if you are not and are considering getting an e-mail address then I STRONGLY recommend using Totalise. Don't use the other ones, they're not very good! Hotmail doesn't allow POP3 access which means that you can't set it up with Outlook, etc. Yahoo! are prone to virus/hacking attacks and can be slow at times. The others are all based in the US. Totalise are UK based and you can check mail wherever you are by Telephone (Electronic Voice reads out your mail), WAP or by Computer.

Internet Service Providers

AOL - The tech heads in the world could no doubt criticise AOL for several days on end. The normal user would praise it. Amazing Freephone customer service, reasonable access speeds and excellent pricing if you use the internet a lot. If you do join AOL, use it is a normal dial-up: Login then minimize the window and continue using Outlook/Internet Explorer as normal. If you have problems, call the freephone help number and try and get the special numbers that they reserve for people who have had a lot of problems.
BT - If you can work out which of the several thousand numbers you should call then BT might be okay. Personally I tried about 10 numbers and then gave up after each told me that they couldn't help.
One Tel - Very good for the infrequent user - 1p a minute 24/7. No monthly charge. Tried this for a while but bills became too expensive even at 1p a minute.
Sky - Excellent pricing structure, good speeds and a real competitor to BT.

Using the Internet

Change your Homepage
To change your homepage (the one that loads up everytime you switch on internet explorer) go to Tools on the menu bar then click Internet Options and type in the page you desire. I recommend that you enter: obviously!

Useful Tips
Ctrl + D - Adds to bookmarks

Ctrl + N - Opens a new window.

Hold Shift when clicking a link to open it in a new window.

F5 - refreshes a page.

Tab - allows you to move around the menu options and the page. Of most use when logging into places and filling out forms.

Shift + Tab - as above but in the opposite direction.

More Tips are available from Microsoft on their Keyboard Shortcuts page.

Anti Virus

Norton - Symantec Worldwide
Worm & Virus News

Fixing Your PC

Windows Support Centre (Not Microsoft)

Multimedia Software Downloads

Adobe Acrobat
Macromedia Flash Player
Macromedia Shockwave Player
Apple QuickTime
Real Player and RealOne
Windows Media Player

Web Browsers

Chimera (Mac)
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Netscape Communicator
Netscape Navigator
Linux users visit
Safari (Mac)


Real Networks
Sun Microsystems

Broadband Speed Test pages

McAfee Internet Speedometer
UK Broadband Speed Test


Miscellaneous other stuff

Important Notice

If you are EVER asked for personal details on the internet you should always make them up unless you trust the company you are sending the information to. Even if you do trust them do not send correct details to US or non European companies if possible. Your details will often be added to Junk Mail lists and you will possibly have to change e-mail address.

Always have at least TWO e-mail addresses - one you give to people you know and another that you submit to companies and other people on the web. This way, you minimize the junk mail damage to your main e-mail address. Remember, some countries, particularly the USA, aren't as civilised as we are in Europe so watch out.

Download Sites

The following two sites are excellent download sites. Always read the comments by other users first and especially the negative comments to decide if you want a program.
CNET Downloads

Web Pages and Tools

Banner Ads
CGI Guide
CGI Resources
Create Free GIF Files
Dynamic Drive
Flaming Text
Freebot - Freebies Online
Freeguide - A UK Free Stuff Website - Free Web Pages
Hot Scripts
Instant Free Submission to over 200,000 Web Directories
International Who's Who
Internet Traffic
JavaScript Kit
Link Popularity Checker
Looksmart's Beseen Tools Page for Webmasters
Meta Maker
Meta Tag Dictionary
Meta Tag Guide
Searchengine Watch
Self Promotion
Send Free Faxes
Talking Web Pages
Top 20 Free Sites - Vast Wealth of Free Stuff!
Traffic Bot
Web Promote - Promote your site
World's Best Websites

Web Hosting and Domain Registration

UK Reg

Privacy Tools and Information

Anonymize Yourself on the Web
Who are you? - Find Out Here!!
Lavasoft Adaware
Namesource - search for Domain Owners
Network-tools Homepage - Run a Trace on any Computer
Nominate - Check who owns domains
Spybot - Search & Destroy
SpyChecker - Spyware or Freeware?
UK2 - Check who owns UK domains


The original Napster does in fact appear to be dead but its spirit has lived on.
Find out what has happened to Napster
Alternatives to Napster
KaZaA - Add filled junk.
KaZaA Lite - Same as KaZaA with quicker dls and no built in adverts. Also has a lot of extra features and free codecs (video and audio codecs) are available on their site
The others
Peer-to-Peer (p2p) File Sharing Portals
After Napster

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