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About the A to Z of the Law of Scotland

About the A to Z of the Law of Scotland

The A-Z of law in Scotland is a part of Scottish Law Online, a collection of resources for the Scotland's legal profession, students, academics and the public. The UK has three separate legal jurisdictions: Scotland; England & Wales; and Northern Ireland. You can find out more about the law of Scotland by visiting the About Scots Law page of the A-Z.

What is in the A-Z

At present, the A to Z of the Law of Scotland covers around 60 areas of law in Scotland.  These links have been collected so that users with an interest in the law and Scotland may be able to access the scottish legal information they require more quickly.

The site is organised simply into an alphabetical list of law subjects.  By clicking on the chosen subject, you will be taken to a collection of links relevant to that area of law from a Scottish point of view.  Many of the pages contain English and International links and some contain links to sites which provide an introduction or guide to the particular area of Scots law.

How to search the A to Z of the Law of Scotland

Simply go to Search Law, the site's search tool by clicking the word "Search" at the bottom of any page and enter your query.

How does the A to Z fit into the rest of the site?

While the various Universities, the Scottish Parliament, the Law Society of Scotland, the Scottish Law Commission as well as the Court of Session and the High Court of Justiciary (on the Scottish Courts Website) all have their own websites, it is useful to have a starting point from which other legal resources can be accessed which is the function performed by the Scottish Law Online.

The A to Z of Scots Law performs a similar function but with a view to individual subject areas of legal information.  As yet, no legal advice is provided online, instead, users are taken to a selection of extremely useful and relevant links for the subject which they wish to research.  For example, users wishing to know more about Divorce should look at the Family law section wherein they will find links to a couple of "Guides" to Divorce in Scotland which should be of use.  Popular areas seem to be Computer or Information Technology Law and Employment or Labour law, and as a result, these areas are slightly larger than the other sections.  Eventually, however, it is anticipated that all the sections will be of a similar length and consist of a similar structure.

How to add a site

If you can think of an area that is missing or find information or a site that might be useful, let me know. Please send any comments, advice, criticism or suggestions to me by filling in the Feedback form on the site.  If there is a link which you feel should be added to any of the Scottish Law Online pages then please contact me by using the Add A URL link on the site.

The site has many failings, of which I am painfully aware.  However, for the time being, I hope that this collection of legal resources covering a wide range of both UK and Scottish legal services can be of use.

As Scots Law continues to develop and law firms, lawyers, solicitors and advocates in Scotland continue to realise the full potential of the internet, the wealth of Scottish legal information on the web will dramatically increase as too will the legal resources available online.  In the meantime, this site should act as an aid to this development, by attempting to map the legal web in Scotland.

Access the A to Z

If you reached this page directly from a search engine, click here to go to the full A to Z index.

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