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IT Law - IT Defamation Law in Scotland

Online Articles:
The Constitution in Cyberspace:
Law and Liberty Beyond the Electronic Frontier

Laurence H Tribe - 1991, Harvard Law School
Defamation on the Internet
David Potts and Sally Harris - 14/05/96
Defamation and the Internet: Name Calling in Cyberspace
Lillian Edwards, 1997
"E-Law 2.0: Computer Information Systems
Law and System Operator Liability Revisited"

David J. Loundy, Sept 1994
Prodigy in Canada: OnLine Libel revisited
Peter Sim, July 1995
Responsibility as an Issue in Internet Communication:
Reading Flames as Defamation

James A. Inman and Ralph R. Inman, 1 J TECH L & P'CY 5 (1996).
Reputation on(The) Line: Defamation and the Internet
Robert C Cumbow and Gregory J Wrenn, 15/06/99
Usenet News and the Law
Associate Professor Francis Auburn, 1995 1 Web JCLI

Articles from MacRoberts Solicitors, Glasgow:
CDA, COPA - now CIPA - 22/03/99
Jurisdiction declined where Posting Read - 22/02/98
A website does not give jurisdiction where it is viewed - 30/12/97
UK ISP's Despair at Liability Decision - 30/03/99
Australia seeks to control the Internet - 21/03/99
Data and ISP Liabilities in Sweden - the New Law - 15/11/98
German Courts Move Against Internet (again) - 06/07/98
Quelle Dommage! - 04/11/98
ISP Liability - Is the US Changing? - 1/11/98
Shock Decision by German Court against ISP - 26/06/98
ISP's and Defamation - An Update - 01/06/99
UK Internet Developments - 01/04/99
English High Court puts Demon to Flight - 05/04/99

Online News Stories:
Sweeping UK Net Libel Decision - 26/03/99
Prodigy Prevails In Libel Suit - 05/01/99
Drudge Clears AOL in Drudge Suit - 23/04/98
AOL Cleared of Defamation - 22/06/98
Court Rejects Net Defamation Suit - 31/03/98
Yahoo Message Board Users Sued - 09/09/98

Defamation Sites:
Alan Gahtan's Cyberlaw Encyclopedia V.2
Defamation in Canadian Cyberspace
David Potts' Cyberlibel Pages
Electronic Privacy Information Center - Free Speech
John Marshall Law School, Chicago - Cyberspace Law
John Marshall Law School, Chicago - Cyberspace Tort Law
The Rindos/UWA Case Site - Legal Materials
Twelve Commandments of Flaming

Useful Sites:
Australasian Legal Information Institute
Cornell Legal Information Istitute
Society for Computers & Law

Internet Statistics:
Domain Statistics
Nominet Annual Report
Guides to the Law:
Scots Law Defamation on the Internet
Kevin F Crombie 17/03/00
Law and the Internet: Regulating Cyberspace
Lilian Edwards & Charlotte Waelde, Hart Publishing, 1997

Legislation - UK:
Defamation Act 1996 (c.31)
Computer Misuse Act 1990 (c.18)

Legislation - USA:

Communications Decency Act 1996, Title V

Cases - UK:
Laurence Godfrey v Demon Internet Ltd
26th March, 1999 - High Court QBD
Laurence Godfrey v Demon Internet Ltd
23rd April, 1999 - High Court QBD

Cases - USA:

Blumenthal v Matt Drudge & America Online Inc.
992 F Supp. 44 (DDC 1998)
Cubby, Inc. v CompuServe, Inc.
776 F Supp 135 (SDNY 1991)
It's In the Cards & Meneau v Rosario Fuschetto
535 NW 2d 11 (Wis Ct App 1995)
Alexander G Lunney v Prodigy Services Co.
1999 NY Int 0165 (Dec 2 1999)
Stratton Oakmont, Inc v Prodigy Services Co
No. 31063/94
Kenneth M Zeran v America Online, Inc
958 F Supp 1124 (ED Va 1997)
Zippo Mfg Co v Zippo Dot Com, Inc
952 F Supp 1119 (WD Pa 1997)

Cases - Canada:

Braintech, Inc v John Kostiuk
1999 BCCA 0169
Southam, Inc & David Baines v George Chelekis

Cases - Australia:

Rindos v Hardwick
no. 1994 of 1993 (W Aust Sup Ct Mar 31 1994)

Cases - Germany:

Steinhoefel v Best
Urteil des Landgericht Hamburg, 312 O 85/98

Note in England & Wales, Defamation is known as Slander and Libel.

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