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Legal forms are now becoming increasingly available online. The forms are available from a range of sources and covering a range of legal topics. While some of the forms are simply completed electronically and then submitted by traditional methods it is anticipated that it will soon be possible to submit forms electronically. The forms use a variety of software including Acrobat, HotDocs and software custom built for the particular form.

The Software

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® is free software that lets you view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files on all major computer platforms, as well as fill in and submit Adobe PDF forms online. An expanded version of Acrobat Reader for Windows offers additional functionality, including support for the visually impaired and the ability to search a collection of Adobe PDF files. If you have problems opening the forms in your browser try right-clicking and selecting "Save Target As..".



HotDocs is a product by Capsoft a leading legal software company. HotDocs uses dialogue boxes to interview the user. The questions asked are conditional, e.g. the user will only be asked for spousal details if they have declared that they are married. Once the interview is over the document will be assembled and presented in your word processor. There are three versions available: HotDocs Pro, HotDocs User and HotDocs Player. If you require HotDocs the site which is providing the forms will tell you so and will tell you how to get it.


The Forms
Companies House Forms

Companies House forms are now on Scottish Law Online. Essentially the C:ompanies House has been copied, redesigned and the links to the forms stayed the same. Had a look at the Crown Copyright notice and it doesn't seem to prohibit this, if you think otherwise though, let me know. More information on Companies House is on the Corporate Zone and also on the Searches page of this Intranet. While you're filling out the forms, check the fees as well!



UK Designs Forms as well as a guide to the Fees are available on the UK Patent Office site. The forms are available in PDF format.


Inland Revenue

The Inland Revenue have placed a variety of forms online, again in PDF format which can be completed on your own computer. The forms are separated by type, e.g. Inheritance Tax separate from Income Tax. Perhaps of greater use is the fact that there are extensive notes on how to cfomplete the forms as well. Click the following links to jump to specific forms: IHT200 / Form C1 / Company Tax Returns


Millar & Bryce

Millar & Bryce Forms are now online in a variety of formats, including ASCII text, MS Word 2, 95, 97 and Word Perfect.



Oswalds forms are also online but this time you can complete and submit them online. They also have a bank of Companies House forms online as well.



UK Patent Forms as well as a guide to the Fees are available on the UK Patent Office site. The forms are available in PDF format. The European Patent Office also has several of its Forms Online for the EPC and PCT as well as other Forms.


Registers of Scotland

e-forms is the new service from Registers of Scotland which allows users to download software by ROS and complete forms on your home computer by answering a series of questions. This product is excellent and free as well. The aim of the Registers is to allow users to submit the forms online as well. I downloaded this about a year ago and have had only limited problems with it (Norton AntiVirus tried to block it from performing some actions.) I am not sure though if I will be updated when forms change. So bear this in mind when using the software.


Trade Marks

UK Trade Marks Forms as well as a guide to the Fees are available on the UK Patent Office site. The forms are available in PDF format.


Legal Documents Online (Seldom Free)


Clickdocs is a UK legal document delivery service. You can get Divorce, Employment, Business, Housing and Company Incorporation Documents on this site. In addition to this, the documents are also available on Scottish Law Online through the following page.


Desktop Lawyer

Desktop lawyer offer a variety of services on their site including documents for sale.



Laserforms is a legal form electronic package used by law firms across the UK.



Megadox is a US site with thousands of US legal and business documents, forms and agreements available to purchase and download online.


The Property Standardisation Group

Initiative by Scottish law firmsd to agree property documents and procedures that firms will follow in transactions amongst themselves and promote the use of them in transactions with other firms. (not for use by the public)



A variety of other sites around Scotland also offer legal documents online. This includes Scotwills offering Wills online. Will your company next to offer legal documents online?


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