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Advocacy & Public Speaking

Virtual Presentation Assistant - University of Kansas tool for helping students with presentations.

Advanced Public Speaking Institute - Quite a useful site with many online articles about public speaking.

Concentration and Distraction Study - Tips on how to improve concentration and minimise distractions.

Effective Advocacy Skills - Using the buzzword "effective" is quite accurate for these pages from Head Injury Hotline.

Stress Management - Self-Care Techniques - How to keep stress under control.

Succeed in Public Speaking - US guide provided by the School for Champions, an internet based resource.

Nine Principles of Memory - Resource from the University of Dartmouth based on their Academic Skills Server.  

Tips for Effective Speaking - Oregon Speak Out Project containing tips on public speaking.


Legal Drafting & Writing

American Bar Association  - Excellent resources and links on legal writing from the American Bar Association.  See also the Legal Writing section of the site.

Clarity - The predominantly UK-based group of lawyers discussing plain language issues. They have a journal, Clarity, run seminars, have good links on the site and give excellent examples of 'before' and 'after' versions of legal jargon.

Crystal Mark - History of the mark, organisations which use it and how to satisfy the requirements to be awarded it.

Elements of Style by William Strunk - Excellent guide to writing documents, letters or anything at all really. 

Garbl's Writing Resources Online - Site with many articles on writing and the impact of words.

Gender Free Legal Writing - How to write in a gender free way.

Lawyers Should Use Plain Language - Article in the 10/95 Florida Bar Journal by Carol M. Bast.

OWL - Purdue University's Online Writing Lab 

Plain English Campaign - Plain English Campaign is an independent UK-based organisation which fights to promote the use of plain English and to stamp out all forms of gobbledygook - legalese, small print and bureaucratic language. The Campaign is funded by its professional services. These include editing, writing, design and training in plain English for many of the UK's largest companies, as well as government departments and local authorities. The Plain English Campaign has a page specifically devoted to Plain English and the Law.

Plain Language Commission - Clear English Standard Logo.

Plain Language Association International - Very large site with many links, papers and tutorials to read, consultants to hire, a list service to join, and conferences to attend.  The best part of the site is the resources section and in particular, users should visit the section on Plain Legal Language.

The plain english movement - ERIC Digest - Short report on plain english and related matters.



Body Language Training - Has some brief guides alongside the products it is offering for sale. Ignore the adverts.

Body Language Guide - Quite brief but then again, quite good guide from the Monster Career Center. Part of their guide to Coping with Interviews.

Guide to Interview Practice - Good, comprehensive links site which also includes a Virtual Interview tool.

Law Coach Interviewing - Lists things to remember when interviewing a client.



Alternative Dispute Resolution pages of Scottish Law Online have some more ADR links.

History and Theory of Mediation - Very comprehensive and interesting series of papers by the ADR Group which is based in Bristol. The papers also include excersises to allow the reader to test themselves as they read.

Interneg - Good research and links sections on this site about negotiation.

Negotiating - You've done it before - Good article from the Online Women's Business Center. The site also contains a Management Institute which has tips on almost all aspects of business life which would be relevant to both sexes. Another particularly good aricle is How to resolve conflicts - Without Killing Anyone

Negotiation Theory and Skills by James C. Melamed, J.D. - Taken from Civil & Workplace Mediation which is an entire training manual online.

Tips for Effective Negotiation - Useful tips by Barbara Braham.

What is ADR? - useful introduction to the area taken from the ADR Discussion Paper published by the Lord Chancellor's Department.

Women & The Art of Negotiating - Article with a different approach explaining that woment are newcomers in a field traditionally dominated by men and should use different tactics from those employed by their male counterparts.


These resources and links were originally produced for the Glasgow Graduate School of Law Intranet pages which contain a far more extensive collection of links of relevance to lawyers and students. Please add more links to this page by using the Add A URL feature of Scottish Law Online.

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